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Best 5 colleges to study sports management in 2023


The global sports industry is rapidly expanding. Aside from the athletes on the turf, new roles are springing up in this space.

Today, we have technical analysts, prediction experts whose forecasts are deployed on top bookmaker apps like 1xbet, whose app is thoroughly reviewed on telecomasia, and sports management executives.

The latter is a specialist role for which many elite universities offer degrees. This article explores the five best colleges to study sports management.

Rice University

Located in Houston, Texas, Rice University is one of the best colleges for Sports Management in the United States. 

In the School of Social Sciences, the department of Sport Management will teach you everything you need to know about the business side of sports. 

Rice University offers two types of undergraduate degrees in Sport Management: BA in Sports Analytics and a BA in Sport Management, which could be focused on either Sports Leadership or Sports Law.

Rice University has an 11% acceptance rate and enrolls over 4,000 students per year. Tuition is usually around $15,500 per year but you can always apply for the many financial aids that the university offers. 

EU Business School – Barcelona

EU Business School is located in Barcelona, Spain, and offers good facilities to help you get the most out of your education. This college is one of the best colleges offering both an undergraduate degree (Bachelor in Arts) and a graduate degree (Masters in Art) in Sport Management. 

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The undergraduate degree runs for three years (7 semesters) and costs €6,750 per semester, while the graduate degree runs for 1 year (full-time) or 2 years (part-time) and costs €6,950 per semester. 

All classes for Sport Management are in English. EU Business School has a 73% acceptance rate and enrolls over 2,000 students yearly.

University of Bath

One of the best to offer Sport Management in the U.K, the University of Bath offers sporting concepts from both the management perspective and the health perspective. 

At the University of Bath, the department of Sport Management was crafted by the School of Management and the Department for Health and is registered under the Department for Health.

The University of Bath offers a bachelor’s degree and a Masters’s degree program in Sport Management. They have an acceptance rate of 10 – 20% and enroll over 19,000 students per year. 

Tuition fees cost £12,000 for home students and £26,400 for international students. They also offer financial aid to help lessen the tuition load on less privileged students.

The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong is one of China’s best Sport Management colleges. 

They are affiliated with the University of Northumbria at Newcastle, United Kingdom, to offer a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport Management. 

In the University of Hong Kong, Sport Management falls under the Sports, Exercise, and Recreation Management department.

At the University of Hong Kong, the study mode for Sport Management is part-time and runs for three years. Classes are conducted in English. 

The University of Hong Kong has an acceptance rate of 26% and enrolls over 20,000 students per year. Tuition fees cost HK$142,260 for the whole program, which you can also pay in 3 installments. Financial aid s also available to assist students. 

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Brock University

Brock University is one of the best colleges for Sport Management you will find in Ontario, Canada. 

They offer an undergraduate degree in Sport Management that covers everything in the public, commercial, and not-for-profit sectors of sports. 

Also, they offer internships, field placements, and international exchanges to springboard their students into the business world.

Brock University has an acceptance rate of 70% and enrolls over 19,000 students per year. Tuition costs around 6,476 CAD for home students and 23,861 CAD for international students. They also offer financial aid to help students with tuition.

Here we are! If you have a knack for the business side of sports, then trying out one of the best schools for Sport Management is never a bad idea. 

Before you head on, invest some time in learning about each school to see if they offer what you are looking for.

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