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Are Video Resumes Need of an Hour?


Requirements and expectations of employers are changing with time. So those searching for employment need to change the methods of approaching an employer. To find an ideal job, one needs to have an ideal approach. One needs to shift from old methods to new methods that incorporate the use of technology and creativity to do so. So here is a glance at some of the new methods that can prove beneficial for those searching for employment.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document that contains all details about an individual. It contains personal details, educational qualifications, and previous job experience. People who are in search of jobs prepare their resumes. These are presented to the companies by the individual either before or during the interview. Resumes are required, so before interviewing any person, the company gets an idea about the person’s qualifications and job experience and can decide whether the person is apt for the job.

Change in Methods of Presenting Resumes

Earlier, one provides the resumes to the companies in the form of a hard copy or a typed soft copy sent via email. But with the changing times, the format of resumes has changed. The resume still contains the same information it had earlier, but now, people prefer video resumes instead of handwritten or typed resumes. Resumes in the form of video are more in use since the trend of the online interview is after that covid.

Benefits of the Video Resume

The video resume trend is quite new. But one must adopt this trend because it comes with several benefits. Here are some of the benefits of video resumes:

  • Opportunity to present yourself: Anything written is better understood when explained in a video. Since in the video resume you are speaking, you get a chance to present yourself and describe your educational qualities to the interviewer.
  • Communicate with the interviewer: As in the video form of resume, you describe your own; it is just like you are interacting with the interviewer. It allows you to communicate with the interviewer.
  • The benefit of explanation: There is a limit in the written or typed form of a resume, and you can’t write all the details. You need to give basic and essential information. But in a video resume, you can elaborate on all points and, apart from educational details, give a brief explanation of your co-curricular achievements.
  • Present plans: In a video resume, in the end, you can tell the interviewer about what are your plans for the job you are applying for and why you want to do this job.
  • Shows that you are adapted to the technology: A video resume shows that you are well aware of the least technologies and can use them well.
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How to Make a Video Resume?

Making any video is very easy. You need to stand in front of the camera and record. The same is done while making a video resume. But certain points are required that are a must in a video resume. Also, certain things need to be kept on the list so that the video resume is apt.

  • Proper introduction and details: You are presenting a resume to an interviewer. So, in the beginning, you need to give details about who you are, your native state or city, and your educational qualifications. Then you can add anything else.
  • Be confident: Before shooting the final video of your resume, practice well. You need to sound confident and clear-minded about the job and post you apply for. Fumbling with words, shivering, making too many gestures shows that you are not confident and leaves a bad impression on the interviewer.
  •  Keep formal tone: Though you are interacting and presenting yourself to the interviewer yet you need to keep in mind that the video is for a formal purpose and use sir/ma’am, respected, honorable, etc., in your communication.
  • Dress accordingly: You might be shooting the video at your home but make sure that you keep a simple background and dress formally. It would help if you did not forget that this is a formal video.
  • Use natural light: Try making the video in the daytime, so you get the natural light. It will help you shoot a clear video.
  • Don’t go too long: Remember the interviewer has many people to interview. You need to keep your video short and direct because no one will listen to your resume for 15 to 20 minutes. Do not extend the video time from 4 to 7 minutes.
  • Use video editor apps: Many video editor apps are available online. Please make use of them to adjust brightness and set backgrounds.
  • Don’t edit extra: This is a formal video; you need not add too many effects or music to your video.
  • Present video before the interview: If it is possible, you must send your video to the interviewer before the time of the interview. This will let the interviewer know who you are and what your qualifications are. This will make your interviewer familiar to you. It creates a good impression in the eyes of the interviewer. 
  • Check the audio quality: Before sending the final video to the interviewer, check the video’s sound quality. You must be properly audible to the interviewer. The audio needs to be clear so everyone can hear you loud but at the same time be gentle in your voice. 
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So now it is clear that changes are taking place in every field with growing time. To stand out in the crowd, one needs to adapt well to these changes. Making and presenting an online resume is not a big task.

Anyone can do it easily, even if one does not know about technology. You need to keep in mind that you make a proper formal video and mention all your specifications to get the best benefit of a video resume. Yes, video resumes need an hour because they fit well into the new world of technology and digitalization.


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