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Active Voice And Passive Voice Ielts Exams Preparation


Active Voice And Passive Voice Ielts Exams Preparation

Active Voice And Passive Voice

Analyze the accompanying sentences:

1. Food is eaten by me.

2. They love me.

In first sentence,He subject is primary player and activity of adoration is performed by him.But in second sentence,force is given to verb and activity is same done by individual.

Active Voice – Passive Voice

Straightforward present – take, takes – am taken, will be taken, will be taken.

Active.- Someone has picked my pocket.

Passive.- My pocket has been picked.

Active. – They use video for showing the understudies.

Passive.- Video is utilized for showing the understudies.

Active.- When will you return the book?

Passive.- When will the book be returned?

Active.- One should stay faithful to one’s obligations.

Passive.- Promises ought to be kept.

What is mood ?

The easiest utilization of a Verb is to create an impression of truth or pose an inquiry ; as,

They come to me day by day.

Who did this?

Be that as it may, a Verb may likewise be utilized to express a direction; as

Compose flawlessly.

Or on the other hand a Verb might be utilized to express a minor supposition ; as,

On the off chance that I were you, I would not do it.

These various modes or habits wherein a Verb might be utilized to express an activity are called Moods.There are three Moods in English:

  1. Basic,
  2. Subjunctive,
  3. Demonstrative.
  4. Subjunctive Mood:

Basic Mood

The Imperative Mood is utilized to express – A Command; as,

Come here.

Hold up there.

The Present Subjunctive happens:

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1-In formal English, in a thing condition reliant on a verb communicating want, aim, goals, and so forth ; as,

I move that Javed be selected president.

2-In certain conventional expressions, where it communicates a desire or expectation ; as, .

God help us!

Coming up next are the types of the Subjunctive :

Present Subjunctive

the verb ‘be’ – different verbs

I be – I talk

We be – We talk

You be – You talk

Post Subjunctive

the verb ‘be’ – different verbs

I were – I talked

We were – We talked

You were – You talked

The Indicative Mood is utilized:

(1) To create an impression of truth; as,

I go to bazar day by day.

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