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A brief overview of the benefits of WeCP (We Create Problems)


Assessment of skills and productivity in the technical field

The WeCP allows you to conduct a variety of online assessments in order to assess potential or existing talents not only in terms of their technical knowledge and skills, but also their productivity and ability to complete tasks quickly. Skills assessment platforms can be built to assess programming, coding, development, debugging, data science, machine learning, and other technical skills.

Candidates and employees can be tested to see if they can apply their technical knowledge and skills in real-world situations. Using WeCP, you can assess how good your students are at solving real-life problems by using a variety of online assessments. There are several types of assessments, including subjective, paragraph, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice questions, hackathon, and live video interviews. 

Using an IDE that simulates an actual work environment, examinees can demonstrate their technical skills and knowledge. The intuitive IDE provides access to all the resources they need, including frameworks, libraries, databases, and tools. Codes can be written, prototypes can be built, and applications can be built in real time using the IDE. Based on algorithms, the platform analyzes their technical skills and their focus, accuracy, and efficiency when performing real-life tasks.

A real-time and instant feedback system

With the skill assessment platform, you get all the information and insight you need about the results of your online assessments immediately. The system evaluates and scores assessments automatically once they have been completed by the examinees or learners. As an example, you’ll know right away whether a candidate has written high-quality and efficient code. 

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Candidates can even perform live video interviews and demonstrate their coding or other technical skills while they are being evaluated. All activities they perform can be tracked remotely, and you can review their code in real time. In this way, you will gain a deeper understanding of how they think and solve problems. By using auto-graded & live assessments, you can share your insights about the performance of examinees and learners instantly. 

An online assessment that is credible 

With WeCP, your remote skill assessments are protected from fraud and malicious attacks. Proctoring techniques and technologies are used during the assessments to prevent dishonesty. Proctors can be enabled that use AI capabilities to detect cheating activities, such as the use of proxies, external devices, switching between tabs, copying and pasting information, and searching Google. A plagiarism detection feature in WeCP can also detect if a student copied code from the internet or from another student.

Position in our categories for WeCP (We Create Problems)

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