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9th Grade Spelling List No 1 Enhance Your Vocabulary

9th Grade Spelling List No 1 Enhance Your Vocabulary

Students of 9th class should learn following words with practice sentences .So they can achieve a good English vocabulary potential.

Word Practice Sentence Type
shank It is about finished cooking. Basic
Residence We will gather at our summer home to celebrate the wedding. Basic
enthralling He was charming with a beautiful smile. Basic
syringe I’ll give you the syringe so that I can get my medication. Basic
podiatry My father has a degree in podiatry. Basic
stimulus It appears that the economic stimulant seems be working. Basic
The xylophone I’ve always dreamed of playing the xylophone. Basic
vitamin My grandmother was told by the doctor to only take one vitamin every day. Basic
radical Governor Scott has revolutionary ideas for the state. Basic
The generosity It was the generosity and kindness of donors that was the result of a complete surprise. Basic
fantasize He would often fantasize about being a cook. Basic
amazing New boxer, Antoine “The Beast” Lemieux is a tough adversary. Basic
Be wary The public was wary regarding his intentions. Basic
animosity There was an increasing animosity between two sides. Basic
the past The culture from the Native Americans is interesting and abundant. Challenge
Mathematics I love studying math. Challenge
devastating The home that was once a residence was in a terrible state. Challenge
Chaos My friend’s house is extremely chaotic. Challenge
Chasm The gap between villages was getting wider. Challenge
Corroborate We will verify the claims and contact you. Challenge


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