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5 Reasons Why Narration is Essential for eLearning


More and more people are embracing eLearning, with just over 189 million students signing up for online courses around the world. This number is likely to rise as technological advancements are made and more people gain access to the internet. If you are an eLearning provider, from online courses to YouTube videos, it’s essential to use the best practices to reach your students. This article will look at 5 reasons why narration is essential for eLearning in 2022 and beyond!

Things to Keep in Mind

If you aren’t ready to hire eLearning narrators from online voice-over agencies just yet, there are a few key benefits to keep in mind. One of the most important things to remember is that you need a professional narrator who can bring more experience and quality than your colleague can with a cheap USB microphone. It is also vital to spend time on the script to ensure that the narration differs from the text on-screen.

Remember Key Points

One of the most significant benefits of narrating eLearning content is that it can help learners remember critical points. As mentioned above, you should avoid having the narration be the same as the on-screen text. Instead, it would help if you used on-screen text to highlight or summarize critical points made in the narration or use narration to expand on the points made in the text.

Helps Information Retention

The next big benefit of eLearning narration is that it helps learners retain the information they have learned. Simply using only text has been proven to reduce the information retained by learners. This is especially true when information overload is caused by too much text on-screen. However, studies have shown that the information retained increases when audiences learn from multimedia material.

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Holds Attention

Of all the reasons you need to begin using narration for your eLearning material, the most prominent is that narration helps to hold the learner’s attention. This is because most people have an attention span of 8.25 seconds and can only really concentrate for around 20 minutes before lapses in concentration begin. If a learner were to read an entire lesson, they would get bored. However, narration can help speed up classes and hold learners’ attention for longer since the lesson is no longer monotonous but conversational.

Appeals to Auditory Learners

Have you ever wondered why eBooks have become so popular? Or why people can watch YouTube videos for hours? Or why podcasts have increased in popularity in the past few years? As it turns out, around 30% of the global population are actually auditory learners, and these learners will retain approximately 75% of information when hearing it but not when reading it.

Reduce Reading

Finally, the last benefit of using narration for your eLearning material is that it helps to reduce the amount of reading a learner must do. Did you know that about 50% of American adults only spend 20 minutes reading each day? People are reading less and less as time goes on, as the benefits of multimedia learning come into focus and education industries adapt to the times.

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