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3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Today – Marc Anthony Hurr



Given the economic uncertainty prevailing in Mexico and the rest of the world, the purchasing power of economic agents has drastically declined. The spiral of prices and wages is one of the reasons why inflation has skyrocketed.

As a result, the prices of essential goods have changed, affecting millions of people who rely on minimum wage. Even higher social classes have been affected by the increase in prices compared to their insufficient salaries, which are not enough to cover basic needs. In light of this, Marc Anthony Hurr has taken it upon himself to emphasize the importance of entrepreneurship when a steady job fails to provide sufficient benefits as the sole source of income for an employee.

Reasons to Start a Business – Marc Anthony Hurr

Increased Income

The first reason why economic agents should consider starting a business is to earn a higher income to cover their expenses. Currently, it is not enough to rely solely on a single income in an average family, as the company may decide to downsize the workforce at any time.

Having a second source of income provides financial stability, a higher standard of living, and more flexibility in managing money, as per Marc Anthony Hurr.

Building Wealth

In a city affected by gentrification, rents and housing prices soar to the point where an average income is insufficient to afford a home. In previous generations, it was relatively easy to acquire land, build a house, and, in essence, create wealth.

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In the present, the aforementioned opportunities have diminished. Inflation makes it impossible to pay rent while maintaining a decent standard of living. This is where the extra income from starting a business makes it easier to build wealth without going into debt. Additionally, the business you build can be passed down to future generations, allowing it to grow.

Time Management

One of the fundamental reasons why you should start a business, according to Marc Anthony Hurr, is the freedom to choose when and how many hours you work, as well as your time off. Being the owner of your own company, once you have established the foundations, grants you the option to manage your time according to your interests.

At some point in your entrepreneurial journey, you may hire personnel to handle demanding tasks, allowing you to stay informed about your business from a distance without involving too many hours of your day.

In summary, these are the three reasons why you should embark on entrepreneurship, as outlined by Marc Anthony Hurr. They are compelling enough to consider creating your own business, which can provide long-term freedom and increased income.

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