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16 Best (and Affordable) German Language Schools in Germany


Without a doubt, every German learner has their own reasons for this – someone needs it for work, someone wants to go to Germany in the future, and some simply enjoy the learning process itself. You can read more at

German is the mother tongue of the largest number of people in Europe. This is not surprising, since only 83 million people live in Germany. But not only in Germany they speak German, it is also the official language of Austria and Liechtenstein and one of the official languages ??of Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. In addition, German is the native language of a large part of the population of northern Italy, eastern Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, eastern France, parts of Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania.

About 100,000 new books are published in Germany every year. Only the Chinese and English publishing markets surpass the German one in terms of the number of published works per year. By the number of published books, Munich is the second in the world after New York. Only a small percentage of German books are translated into other languages ??(eg about 10% into Korean and Chinese, 5% into English). Knowledge of the language gives access to a huge number of German-language publications.

Of course, anyone who wants to develop and not stand still should learn German.

Bar selling illegal liquor

The essence of Speakeasy is that language learning is most effective when you are relaxed. That’s why you won’t find dull, gloomy classrooms at our school, but rather a warm, welcoming environment with uniquely colored classrooms. Their faith is shown in your journey, for here you have focused our attention. 

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Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES)

With IES you can learn German in Germany! They guarantee the most rewarding study abroad experience imaginable and their alumni support them. Are you completely new to German? In Berlin, IES provides in-depth lessons for beginner speakers to teach them how to express basic everyday needs. You can enroll in their Emerging Independent Abroad course where you can discuss topics and practice conversational expressions in German.

Sprachschule Aktiv

Do you want to learn German and are you looking for a course to start? At our language school Sprachschule Aktiv Düsseldorf you can choose from several types of courses. Maybe you are a student who needs a solid knowledge of German to get into a German university, or maybe you need to learn the language for work. You can learn German in Düsseldorf with a free trial lesson and an entry level test.

ALPADIA Language Schools

ESL Ecole Suisse de Langues was founded in 1996 and became self-sustaining in 2014. Albania’s mission is to encourage language growth through immersion and expand our students’ perspectives to inspire their future endeavors. Alpadia’s goal is to improve language development and develop students’ perspectives through immersion. As our complex and multilingual society shows, learning and communicating in different languages ??is vital to being part of a changing world and maintaining sustainability. 

GLS – German Language School

GLS Berlin Campus, one of the best German language schools in Germany, is a magnificent campus in the most fashionable part of the city. It is a one-stop shop for productive and enjoyable German language learning.

Council for International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

Learn about German culture by combining one of six academic streams with intensive German classes in Germany. CIEE offers German language training for beginners to improve cultural awareness and language skills.

Dialogues – Bodensee Sprachschule GmbH

In our German school, where Germany’s largest lake borders the Alps, and three German-speaking countries – Austria, Switzerland and Germany – are next to each other, all students have a great time with classmates from all over the world.

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Anda Sprachshule

At Anda Sprachschule we offer adult and corporate lessons in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. All our teachers are native speakers with extensive experience in teaching languages ??and sincere desire.

Kestner College

This course will be replaced by the Summer Intensive Course from 28 June to 20 August. If the course date coincides with another time, low and high season prices will be provided upon request.

Middlebury School

With over 100 years of intensive German language learning in Germany, Middlebury School has a reputation for offering excellent study abroad opportunities around the world.

Junior Year in Munich (JYM)

What better place to learn German in Germany than the country’s best educational institution, LMU Munich? This intensive language program is open to junior and senior students, as well as graduate students from the United States and Canada.

Carl Duisberg Center

In Germany, this educational institution has four locations: Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Radolfzell. Every year our university is visited by thousands of students from all over the world.

Die New School

DIE NEUE SCHULE was founded in 1984 and is one of the most famous and recognized language schools in Berlin with over 1000 students from over 40 countries every year.

DID Deutsch-Institut

It is widely recognized as one of the most important educational institutions in Germany. The institution is known for offering high quality courses and a well-organized academic procedure. The abbreviation DID appears in the name of the institution, meaning “Germany in German” and also “Germany in English”.

Capital Zwei

Kapitel Zwei Berlin is one of the most affordable language schools in Berlin. Typically, these prices indicate large class sizes and overloaded teachers. However, class size at Kapitel Zwei Berlin is limited to 12 students per course, with an average of about eight students per session.

F+U Language Academy

Despite the fact that it only opened in 2013, the school quickly became one of the top language centers in Berlin. The school is located in the very center of the city, next to a major transport interchange and various shops.

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Why learn German and languages ??in general?

The right question is half the battle done.

So why do you still need to learn German? What will it give me?

According to the statistics of recruiting agencies, knowledge of the language increases the salary by an average of 20-30 percent.

You can reasonably argue that a nurse in a district hospital, a mechanic in a car service, a manicurist in a salon, a tram driver – the list can go on for a very long time – is unlikely to be paid extra for knowledge of the language by an employer. If you know at least two foreign languages, this will not affect your salary.

So where are languages ??in demand to such an extent that you can get bonuses for knowing them? Probably, those organizations that are somehow connected with foreign economic activity, have partners abroad, related to tourism, hotel business and so on. In a nutshell, wherever communication with foreigners is supposed, where knowledge of the language allows you to communicate freely without resorting to the help of translators.

But why should a nurse, a driver, or a doctor learn German anyway?

Imagine a small village surrounded by taiga. The forest stretches for many kilometers. The inhabitants have never left the village, but they know that somewhere far away there is another world, another life. They have two ways – to live as they lived, or to cut a path to another world.

You already understood the analogy. Knowing a language won’t give you a pay rise, but it can radically change your life, cut a path to a new world. Gradually or abruptly, for everyone in different ways, turn it 180 degrees.

If you want to change your life, then one of the most effective ways – not easy, but affordable and real – is to start learning German. Start discovering new horizons and opportunities.

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