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10 Things You Need to Know before launching a DevOps career


Do you want to pursue an occupation in DevOps? Here are the top 10 points you must be aware of before beginning your DevOps career.

DevOps as the name suggests is a mix of development and operation. The benefits of DevOps for software development have gained wide acceptance because of their nimble nature. DevOps aids in creating an unambiguous relationship between IT operation and development. The principal goal for DevOps is to enhance the connection with development and operations in IT. DevOps is a strong advocate for improved cooperation and better communication.

Therefore, a lot of IT professionals choose the DevOps career because of its huge potential for long-term growth as well as acceptance. But, many don’t have a clear idea before beginning a profession in DevOps. This review will provide the top ten things to consider prior to starting a DevOps profession as a beginner so that you can be able to experience the actual advantages of a DevOps profession. This discussion can serve to help you determine the possibility that DevOps is the right choice for you as a newbie. Therefore, let’s begin to gain some insight, now!

Essential Tips to Begin a DevOps Career

The need for DevOps Solutions and Services is on record. This has made the opportunities in the DevOps career grow exponentially. Just a glance at these trends and statistics on the DevOps market can inspire anyone to pursue an occupation in DevOps. But, it is important to be aware of some important aspects before embarking on the DevOps career options in beginning in 2019 as a novice. You don’t want to sacrifice as you progress in your career, are you?

1. A clear understanding of DevOps

The first thing to be focusing on is understanding DevOps. It is one of the least understood elements when picking the best DevOps career path in the year 2019. If you’re considering the career path of DevOps it is crucial to understand about DevOps is and not! DevOps is a trend or a shift in software or application development culture.

It highlights the need for improved and better collaboration and communication. DevOps seeks to harness these advancements to deliver quality software with greater speed and reliability. It is also possible to think of DevOps as an automated process to ensure quick as well as secure development. The only thing you will observe within DevOps is the fact that everyone in your organization will be included throughout every step of the development process.

If you’re beginning the DevOps job as a young person You should be aware of what is not DevOps. DevOps is not a person or a specific job or name. It doesn’t require certain tools or renaming your operation team to DevOps. DevOps team. We have already discussed that DevOps is a shift in culture or shift in mindset. It is a successful and cost-effective strategy that is different from the conventional practices in software development. 

2. Background and Current Knowledge

The second important aspect to consider when picking the right DevOps career path in 2019 is the background. People who have worked previously in the field of technology will have the knowledge and experience to become DevOps engineers. The roles which will help you prepare for DevOps career options as a young person include software developer, system engineer, administrator of systems, and many more.

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Network operation engineers or database administrators are also able to benefit from their knowledge to pursue the career path of DevOps. However, people who begin the field of DevOps having just completed their college degree in computer science are still learning! They can consider taking the Post Graduate Program in DevOps if they are interested in DevOps Career.

This will help you gain getting a better understanding of the duties of a DevOps professional. The following are three roles that can be found for DevOps professionals in modern companies.

  • The first job description is for DevOps engineers with a dev focus and are the ideal software development positions for the development of applications.
  • The other role you can play in your DevOps career could be one of a DevOps engineer with an ops bias. This job is comparable to a system engineer, or system administrator.
  • The third job for DevOps professionals working in companies could be the one of an SRE. Reliability Engineer (SRE). SREs are like software engineers that are accountable for addressing problems in operations and infrastructure. SREs are focused on creating software systems that offer greater capacity, availability, and dependability.

3. Noting the Most Important Technologies

The technology that will help you in your DevOps career should be on your top list before deciding on your career direction in DevOps. It is essential to be skilled in a variety of technologies to meet your requirements effectively. Candidates who are interested in a DevOps beginning career should be familiar with the basic technologies they will be using to perform their duties.

It is essential to understand the fundamentals of operating systems and scripting, cloud containers, and programming languages completely. Operating systems form the basis upon which everything else runs. Therefore, it is essential to increase your understanding of Linux because you will likely use it on a daily basis. Candidates must also be aware of specific languages that are suitable for scripting.

Some of the most well-known scripting languages are Python, PowerShell, Java, Ruby, Go, C/C+ and Bash. It is also recommended to improve your knowledge and skills in the usage of cloud computing services on platforms such as AWS and Azure. Another important skill to have a successful career in DevOps is making use of container technology. Utilizing tools like Docker and other container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes is a must. You may also lookup the Chef vs . Puppet comparison to get more information about the two.

In addition, anyone considering the DevOps career in software development must have proficiency in programming abilities. It is possible to use specialization for scripting to benefit in this case. Candidates should also learn about Jenkins as well as GitHub, which are the most common requirements for the CI/CD process.

4. Certifications Can Help You!

The rapid increase in interest and interest in DevOps has also brought up a variety of important questions about the job. For instance, “is DevOps good for new graduates?” comes up frequently among those who want to pursue a career. Answering this query is an additional aspect that you need to think about before deciding to pursue an occupation in DevOps.

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Certifications, along with training or development programs could help significantly in the eradication of the skill gap. They are beneficial for developing your skills. development of your abilities and provide a convincing justification for employers to choose you. Therefore, even if are just starting out you can advance your career in DevOps by gaining the process of obtaining a DevOps certification.

5. Step outside of your comfort zone

The backing of certifications may not suffice to start an occupation in DevOps. Candidates should also focus on cross-training in order to develop capabilities that go beyond their comfort zones. As a developer, you may be prone to depend on the operations experts when you transition into a career in DevOps.

Developers can make use of their knowledge and experience working with different DevOps software to fulfill their new tasks in DevOps. So, applicants should be looking to gain experience through difficult tasks. System administrators can learn to script to make the transition to DevOps positions. This means that you should think beyond your current position to pursue a career direction in DevOps.

6. Learning Automation

The significance of automation in DevOps positions is crucial. This is why you must increase your knowledge and abilities in automation to pursue a DevOps career. DevOps experts who can implement automation tools to manage deployments and servers are preferred by employers. Candidates can increase their marketability by mastering different tools for automation and techniques. Thus, experts suggest taking on new challenges and the intricacies of the process of automation for future DevOps professionals.

7. Create your Brand

Because we’re discussing marketing, let’s look at a different factor to be considered when considering the field of DevOps. What exactly is it? Your brand! You’ve probably heard that DevOps involves more about shifting the culture than the application of different tools. Additionally, DevOps focuses on improved communication and collaboration.

So, applicants should be involved with the constantly growing active DevOps community to build capabilities and demonstrate DevOps abilities. It is possible to give a speech at industry events, write blogs, or regularly engage with colleagues through online forums.

Additionally, you can consider participating in open-source projects in order to make your case for the DevOps career. The most important thing is that you shouldn’t think of participation in community projects as a single way to boost your career. In fact, you should think of it as a way to facilitate interactions with other DevOps professionals.

8. Learning from Training Courses

People who are preparing to pursue a career in DevOps will be asking whether DevOps is beneficial for students and is a good choice for newbies?. But, it is possible to look into the many DevOps certifications and training courses that can assist freshers to prepare for a successful career in DevOps. Fresher candidates can prefer different routes for developing skills. First, there is class training in colleges. courses.

The primary focus in this instance must be the development of technical skills necessary to be able to perform DevOps beginners positions. Additionally, you have the option of extremely open online courses for DevOps beginners to master the fundamentals. These courses will allow you to make the most of your training that is based on real-world scenarios.

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9. Are you looking for a job in DevOps

The second most important issue is the search for a job in DevOps. If you’re a newbie consider applying for job openings that are open to junior DevOps engineers. It is important to keep in mind that, being new graduates, you will be unable to find many opportunities for working in DevOps. But, don’t let this hinder your goals for the future! A lot of companies focus on training and enhancing the abilities of their employees. If you are in a position to see a clear possibility of development what’s the reason you have to fret?

10. Exhibit Curiosity and Empathy

As we have discussed previously Communication and collaboration are at the heart of any DevOps career. The final but important factor to consider when choosing a DevOps career option as a young person is soft skills such as empathy and curiosity. It is essential to be constantly looking for information and participate in the community and team.

In addition, you need to be a good role model for the members of the team and what they do. This way you can create an environment of harmony that will improve your prospects for advancement for success in DevOps. In the end, individuals must develop the capacity to understand the issues that come with every role on the DevOps team.

Changes within the DevOps Market

After we’ve reviewed the most important factors to consider when selecting a DevOps career path for 2019 Let’s take look at DevOps industry developments. According to experts in the field, DevOps would reach the top of the list in the year 2019. The growth in DevOps adoption at an average rate of 8% between 2015 and 2016 will continue into 2019. In addition, Statista also reports that different organizations are more inclined to use DevOps.

DevOps adoption grew by 10% from 2017 and reached 17% in the year 2018. The most important thing is that estimations indicate that the DevOps market could reach 10.31 billion dollars in 2023. With this growth estimate and it is estimated that the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) will increase to 24.7%. It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? Every business needs speedy application delivery, without compromising in quality.

Final Words

In conclusion, a DevOps fresher career presents an opportunity to develop a lucrative career. However, it’s crucial for each candidate to build the appropriate capabilities and attitude to pursue a career in DevOps. If you’re currently working towards an occupation in DevOps that is, you must have been focusing on some of these principles mentioned earlier.

But, the future is more complicated for those who pursue an occupation in DevOps. So, whether new or experienced you can prove your expertise with a DevOps certification and be different from the rest. If you’re looking to be a certified DevOps specialist, you can begin your preparation by taking the DevOps Certification Training Courses.

Candidates should be aware of the fundamental principles of DevOps, i.e., collaboration and communication. If you don’t have a clear knowledge of the essentials of the DevOps job it is likely that you’ll be able to smuggle lots of information. Therefore, you must be cautious while moving forward with your career plans within the realm of DevOps!

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