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10 reasons to take a break from a relationship


When we fall in love, it can be hard to see the warning signs that a relationship is going south. Take myself, for example: I spent years with my ex-boyfriend because I believed we were soul mates and that our problems would eventually work themselves out. In the end, however, those problems only got worse and he even cheated on me and prevented me from finding true happiness.

It wasn’t until after our breakup that I realized what had been missing in our relationship all along: space. The space between us had become so small that neither of us could breathe; we needed time apart if there was ever going to be any hope for us as a couple.

So if you feel like things aren’t working out between you and your partner (or even your potential partner), then maybe taking a break from dating could do some good. Here are 10 reasons why taking time away from relationships can benefit both parties.

If you fight often

When your partner is in a bad mood, it can be hard to keep your cool. But that’s exactly what you need to do. If you get angry about anything, your relationship will be filled with fighting and arguing instead of love and affection.

It’s also important to remember that your partner isn’t always going to be happy, even when they’re with you. This can make it easier for you to take their moods personally and feel like they’re blaming the relationship for something that’s wrong with you, rather than some days being harder than others for everyone (even if those days aren’t better).

Try not to let his negative attitude affect yours; instead of getting angry or scared about his discomfort, think about whether there is something else in his life that might be making him unhappy. You can also try talking things out yourself so that neither of you feel that he is being blamed for the problems.

If your emotional needs are not being met

One of the most important reasons to take a break is if your emotional needs are not being met.

It is important to distinguish which of these two types of needs are involved: sexual and emotional. While both can be very important in a relationship, they often require very different things from the other party. For example, someone may want sex at the drop of a hat, but only want their partner when they feel like it or when there is something exciting going on. This is probably not going to work for long-term happiness or satisfaction in your relationship.


Emotional needs are about feeling understood by another person and feeling that what you have to say matters to them, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem to you at the time (Gottman). These needs can vary depending on where your mind is at during a given day; some days I may just need my boyfriend’s shoulder, while others I will want him to tell me what he thinks about my new outfit. Emotionally charged moments can also happen unexpectedly: maybe one day we’re having fun together laughing at something silly and suddenly, bam, everything stops because one person has said something hurtful out of anger/jealousy, etc. So being able to talk about these moments together helps us grow closer as individuals while also helping us cope with any emotions that come up during those conversations (Kilmartin).

If you are constantly weighing the pros and cons

If you are constantly weighing the pros and cons of your relationship, it may be time to take a break. You may be wondering whether or not your relationship is worth it, or whether or not you’re in the right relationship. 

It’s important to know when you need to take a break to evaluate what exactly needs to be improved. If you feel like something isn’t right between the two of you, taking some time apart can help you figure out what needs to be fixed before you invest more time in something that isn’t going to work.

If your partner isn’t in the same place as you

Perhaps the most important reason to take a break from a relationship is if your partner is not in the same place as you. If one person wants to explore a new relationship, experiment with escort girls in Malta, threesomes or new places and the other doesn’t, it’s best to let it go. You have to be ready for something new for it to work in the long run.

People can also drift apart over time or see their lives drift apart due to work or family commitments; sometimes these changes happen gradually, but other times they are sudden and unexpected, leaving both parties confused about whether they should stay together.

If this happens, don’t feel guilty about staying with someone who doesn’t want the same thing you do; instead, take some time alone (or with friends) so that when things become clearer later on you know that there has been a change in you too.

If it feels more like a chore than a choice

If you find that the relationship is more of a chore than a choice, it’s time to take a break. It may be tempting to stick with something that is at least familiar and comfortable, but if there’s no spark or joy in it – and if your partner isn’t willing to work on how to communicate with you – it’s not going to work in the long run.

If you do something out of obligation, then there is no real desire behind the action. If someone doesn’t want something enough to pursue it on their own or strive to make their dream a reality, how can they expect others to do it?

If you have different priorities

If you and your partner have different priorities, it is important that you are able to compromise. Compromise is not about giving up what is most important to you in order for your partner or the relationship to get what they want; rather, it is about figuring out how you can both get what you want. For example, if one person values staying home with their children while another wants to go out every night after work with friends and colleagues, then both parties need to find a way to be able to enjoy their time together without sacrificing quality family time. The same goes for other areas, such as career or religion: if they are important in one person’s life, but not so important in another’s, both partners need to find a way to make sure the other feels valued in the relationship, regardless of differences of opinion or preference.


If there are areas where agreement cannot be reached (for example: one always travels for business while the other wants to travel only when they are together), then perhaps pausing the relationship until these conflicts can be resolved seems an appropriate course of action [especially since we live in this world where people quit their jobs all the time].

If you feel alone in the relationship

You may feel that there is no one else who understands or cares about you like your partner does. You may also think that being alone means being lonely. But while this may be true at first, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, sometimes spending time apart can help a couple reconnect and even strengthen their bond once they get back together. 


If this sounds like something that would benefit you and your partner, consider taking some time apart so that each of you can spend quality time thinking only about yourselves without worrying about what others want from either of you.

If there has been infidelity

If there has been infidelity, it is not a good sign. If it is a one-time thing and the person has otherwise been completely faithful, it may be worth taking a break to see if they change their attitude. But if it’s a recurring problem and you can no longer trust her, you should give it up.

If your partner is insecure and jealous, and makes decisions for you

Jealousy can be a sign of insecurity. But it can also be a sign of an overly controlling partner who doesn’t trust you to make decisions for yourself, like where to go with whom or what time to get home at night. In either case, this is not good in a relationship.

If you are not growing as a person

The best relationships are the ones where both parties are growing as people. If you’re not growing, then you should take a break from your relationship.

You have to grow as a person, not just in your career. You have to grow as a person too, not just in your family. And, of course, this growth can’t be limited to being a better friend or being able to cook for yourself, but must include an understanding of yourself and what makes you tick inside.

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from dating to reevaluate what we want out of romantic relationships

It can be good to take a break from a relationship, even if it’s with the person you’re in love with. Sometimes all we need is to get away for a while, and when we return, we will find that what was once so good about our partner is no longer good enough for us. When we take some time to reflect on what we want from dating and relationships, it can help us find someone who fits into our ideal future plans, whether those plans involve marriage or just being a happy couple.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your relationship and where you want to go. But hopefully these tips have helped you think through the process. 

It can be a difficult time, but with a little self-reflection and some guidance from those who have gone through it before us (like us!), we can all find peace with change. And even when things don’t go as we had hoped, remember not to give up on love, because sometimes it’s necessary to let go of one person before finding someone new who really suits our needs better than before.

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