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10 Emoji Teachers And Students Can’t Live Without


pencil emoji | pen emoji

While you’re preparing your (emoji) backpack for the first day of school, don’t forget your (emoji) pencil and pen. There’s nothing like showing up to class without the proper writing utensils.

The pencil emoji, ??, was adapted from an earlier Unicode symbol going back to 1993. It shows a classic, yellow No. 2 pencil with a pink eraser. If that’s not illustrative enough for you, there’s also the memo emoji, ?, which shows a pencil writing in a notebook.

If you’re very confident, you might eschew pencils for pens—although we don’t recommend it for math problems or Sunday crosswords. There are several emoji depicting pens, including the pen emoji, ??, featuring a ballpoint pen and the fountain pen emoji, ??, showing a fountain pen with a nib.

Use all of these writing utensil emoji to spruce up your texts, tweets, and comments showing off just how ready you are to go back to school.

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